Cot Stream
Neck of Samson
Cot Valley
Crown Engine Houses - Botallack
Moonlit Botallack
Landing Beach in Winter - Samson
Landing Beach at Dusk - Samson
Trewellard Zawn
Geevor from The Avarack
Chapel Cove
Walking the Path
Snow at Carn Galver
Hawthorns on the Pendeen Road
Black Flow
Carn Galver to Bosigran I
Walking North from Cape Cornwall
Carn Galver to Bosigran II
Cot Valley in Winter
Day 1: Hurlstone Point from Bossington Beach
Day 9: Hartland Quay
Day 12: Scarnor Point
Day 14: Port Quin
Day 15: Sky, Rock, Sea, Thrift (Gunver Head)
Day 16: Bedruthan Steps
Day 17: Hawthorn & Campions
Day 18: Wheal Coates
Day 21: Hayle Beach
Day 22: St. Ives
Day 24: The Avarack
Day 26: Mousehole Harbour
Day 30: Jackdaws at Carrick Luz
Day 31: Hawthorn in Bloom at Nare Point
Day 37: Charlestown Harbour
Day 38: Colors Cove
Day 41: Greenfinches on Staddon Heights
Day 47: Mew Stone from Kelly's Cove
Day 56: Ballard Down
Charlestown Harbour
Jackdaws at Carrick Luz
Fisherman's Refuge
Balweyth Ertach
Escaping the Swale I
County Border II
Winter Harbour
Gorse at Start Point
Gorse near Praa Sands
Blacksticks and Thistles on the Revelstoke Drive
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