Gorse Field at Clovelly
Hendra Farm above Gribba Point
SX 615 762
SX 615 779
SX 615 763
Geevor Mine from the Avarack
Gorse at Start Point
Sheep at Bench Tor
Mokulito I
Mokulito II
Mokulito III
Misadventures of Cow & Giraffe
Midnight Shadows of Cow & Giraffe
Grimspound Trio
Forbidden Fruit
Gorse, Thrift & Curzyway
Poppydocks, Furze & Curzyway
Earthworks at Wheal Betsy
Starting the Forenoon Shift
Study for Swale II
Study for Swale III
Winter Harbour
SX 612 768
SX 612 777
SX 612 768
Warren Point
Bluebells & Birch
Onset of Spring
Bluebells at Greator Rocks
Hound Tor Medieval Village
County Border II
Outline South West
Day 9 - Hartland Quay
Day 15 - Gunver Head
Gorse at Praa Sands
Blacksticks & Thistles on the Revelstoke Drive
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