Still Waters at Foggintor Quarry
Snow Paths on Haytor Warren
Cat Ice & Crows at Haytor
Hoar Frost on Haytor Warren
Foggintor Quarry
Low Light Approaching Western Beacon
Quarried Faces at Foggintor Quarry
Towards Saddle Tor
Snow at Saddle Tor
Temperature Inversion - Buckland Beacon
Snow on the Horizon
Watching the Tors from Dunstone Down
Snow at Headland Warren I
View across Haytor Down
Snow at Headland Warren II
Above Haytor Quarry
The day it snowed and we walked back in the dark (Littaford Tor)
The rain came in at Haytor
Low Man I
Low Man looking South
Haytor from the clitter field
Cold East Cross Study II
Cold East Cross Study III
Cold East Cross Study IV
Cold East Cross Study V
Escaping the Swale I
Escaping the Swale II
Cold East Cross
Leaving Rushdale Common I
Leaving Becka Brook
Gorse I
Gorse II
Gorse III
Gorse IV
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