Still Waters at Foggintor Quarry II
Snow Melt at Saddle Tor
Haytor in Winter
Walking the Ten Tors
Sky ~ Snow ~ Swale
Towards Top Tor
Snow at Dusk - above Haytor Quarry
Super Moon at Greator Rocks
Moonlight, Crows & Earthworks
Moonlit Man at Stumpy Oak
Waiting for the Stars - Great Staple Tor
Looking East from Combestone Tor I
Saddle Tor
Looking East from Combestone Tor II
Thoughts of Winter I
Haytor Clitter
Thoughts of Winter II
Looking West from Saddle Tor
Wheal Betsy - Orange Sky
Golden Dagger Mine
Cold East Cross IV
Black Flow
Rain, Mist, Mud, Swale
Low Man II
Cold East Cross Study I
Cold East Cross Study VI
Controlled Burning I
Controlled Burning II
Controlled Burning III
Hound Tor Crows
Rushdale Common
Saddle Tor ~ Spring
Saddle Tor ~ Autumn
Saddle Tor ~ Winter
Brisworthy Plantation
Cold East Cross & Crows
Hawthorn & Wall
Night Walking in Snow
North of Wistman's
Approaching Haytor Quarry in Snow
Bennet's Cross
Chaw Gully
Birch Tor & Vitifer Mines
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