June - Studio. Prints for Devon Guild Summer Exhibition

Conveniently the weather took a turn for the worse so trips up to the moor were less frequent and I had an enforced period of time in the studio. 

One of the problems with constantly gathering information is that you need to set aside a good body of time for assimilation and experimentation and play. I tend to alternate between research, play and making and  have learnt that you have to just go with whatever mindset you are in at the time, even if that does not fit in with deadlines and commitments. With this in mind I started working on ideas dating back to the beginning of the year.

The swaling of the gorse on the moor has always been a subject that intrigues me. I spent two weeks working on images from Cold East Cross. The resulting prints will be my submission for the Devon Guild Summer exhibition. 

These are monoprints with drypoint and carborundum plates overlaid. Making these prints during the Summer was a good antidote to the green landscape and I realise more and more that I prefer the autumn and winter months on Dartmoor.

"Escaping the Gorse"   Monoprint, Drypoint & Carborundum print

"Escaping the Gorse"   Monoprint, Drypoint & Carborundum print