A New Year, new ideas and creating a gap in my diary.

The most significant event for me this year is undertaking a One Year Mentoring Course at Newlyn School of Art. I have decided to invest time in myself and reduce my teaching commitments. I felt the need to develop my practice further, especially in terms of the philosophy and meaning behind my work. 

In the past I have found myself being too prescriptive about the aims of my projects, this is often due to gallery commitments where the marketing material is released before the work is produced. I would then find myself bound by these first, undeveloped, ideas and deny myself new possibilities. This prescriptive approach was also a safe place to be, knowing exactly what to do and knowing I could achieve it, not taking risks and going with initial ideas - rather ironic when I spend a lot of my time teaching the exact opposite to my students!

"We give advice by the bucket, but take it by the grain"  Tom Stoppard

January 2016 - A Year on Dartmoor

After spending 4 years working on the South West Coast Path I have decided to head inland and work on Dartmoor for a year. What it will lead to is uncertain, I have started to paint again, had thoughts of film,installations and 3D work, my head is full of possibilities. It is a strange sensation, being totally open to new ideas, a mix of excitement and trepidation with a sprinkling of self doubt and expectation.